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[Windows Develop] txzs

Communication knowledge RF single chip for cordless phone.pdf standards for telecommunications services. Txt home phone sch.pdf digital telephone and video conferencing system in the post-secondary online applications. Txt telephone network. Pdf Networked Intelligent home system. Pdf (2007-09-07, PDF, 1676KB, Downloads 24)


[WinSock-NDIS] nfc_p2p

NFC P2P online collection of notes, there are the original links help authors increase the popularity, ha ha ha! NFC_P2P: NDEF message parsing instance .pdf NFC notes ATR_RES message structure .pdf NFC notes NFCIP-1 protocol commands .pdf NFC notes PSL_REQ and PSL.pdf NFC notes WUP_REQ and WUP.pdf NFC notes- initialization RF collision avoidance .pdf NFC notes- transport frame format .pdf NFC notes- general initialization and single device detection (SDD) process .pdf NFC notes- active mode and passive mode activation protocol process .pdf NFCForum-TS-NDEF.pdf (2016-10-22, PDF, 5131KB, Downloads 0)