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By platform: All Visual C++(85) 

[Windows Develop] R3Engine

rf online engine used R3Engine complete code will look with interest at (2009-02-20, Visual C++, 3180KB, Downloads 83)


[Other Games] rf_online_Sourcecode

RF online Sourcecode (Client + Server + Engine) (2010-08-27, Visual C++, 3717KB, Downloads 68)


[OpenGL program] GameServer

rf online GameServer part of the code has its own interest to see (2009-02-20, Visual C++, 223KB, Downloads 61)


[SCM] baseon80c51ofmc522

This handset can process the data offline or online, reading and writing from 10 cm far. This handset is low-power, miniature, modular design and so on. This article includes: the communication design between RF card and Reader, hardware system design and software systems design. The communication design between RF card and Reader used to RC522 RF chip control RF cards, in line with ISO14443 standard protocol Hardware system design mainly include AVR microcontroller control modules, power modules, memory modules, external clock modules, LCD modules Software system designed with C programming language, and follow the modular structure of the programming model, and has the RF card operation procedures, soft shutdown and automatic shutdown procedures, LCD display, serial Flash memory, an external clock, and other external device driver Procedures. The handset readers has the MF1 S50, S70 RF card reader function, real-time status display function, the system online update function and so (2009-03-11, Visual C++, 118KB, Downloads 50)


[Other windows programs] GhostClient

rf online GhostClient part of a complete code will look with interest at (2009-02-20, Visual C++, 29KB, Downloads 50)


[Game Server Simulator] ZoneServer

Zone server for rf online 2.2.1. (2012-03-24, Visual C++, 633KB, Downloads 47)


[SCM] MshtoObj

msh to obj converter for use with rf online (2010-06-12, Visual C++, 88KB, Downloads 42)


[Windows Develop] WorldServer_Console

rf online WorldServer_Console part of a complete code (2009-02-20, Visual C++, 26KB, Downloads 38)


[Windows Develop] 1212

source client rf online (2009-07-26, Visual C++, 334KB, Downloads 35)


[Windows Develop] Network

rf online Network part of the code will look with interest at (2009-02-20, Visual C++, 23KB, Downloads 28)


[Embeded-SCM Develop] ZoneServerSOR_x64_Brazil

zone server fo rf online final update (2010-06-05, Visual C++, 832KB, Downloads 26)


[Communication] launcher-source

rf online launcher sourcecode (2013-12-20, Visual C++, 1285KB, Downloads 25)


[SCM] ToolsMk

Kernel Sysem Rf online,realiase (2010-05-30, Visual C++, 309KB, Downloads 24)



RF online Source Code (2010-06-12, Visual C++, 3667KB, Downloads 23)


[Document] rfonlineSourcecode

RF online Source Code (2010-08-03, Visual C++, 3667KB, Downloads 23)


[Game Server Simulator] protocol

network protocol for rf online 2.2.1. (2012-03-24, Visual C++, 29KB, Downloads 22)


[Game Server Simulator] LoginServer

Login server for rf online 2.2.1. (2012-03-24, Visual C++, 112KB, Downloads 21)



source code rf online (2010-06-05, Visual C++, 3463KB, Downloads 20)


[WinSock-NDIS] rf_Console_runner

RF online console launcher for Ruoff/Eurooff in 2010 year. (2012-05-06, Visual C++, 23KB, Downloads 18)


[WinSock-NDIS] strs

structeres for rf online server and client script (2010-06-05, Visual C++, 43KB, Downloads 17)