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[SCM] baseon80c51ofmc522

This handset can process the data offline or online, reading and writing from 10 cm far. This handset is low-power, miniature, modular design and so on. This article includes: the communication design between RF card and Reader, hardware system design and software systems design. The communication design between RF card and Reader used to RC522 RF chip control RF cards, in line with ISO14443 standard protocol Hardware system design mainly include AVR microcontroller control modules, power modules, memory modules, external clock modules, LCD modules Software system designed with C programming language, and follow the modular structure of the programming model, and has the RF card operation procedures, soft shutdown and automatic shutdown procedures, LCD display, serial Flash memory, an external clock, and other external device driver Procedures. The handset readers has the MF1 S50, S70 RF card reader function, real-time status display function, the system online update function and so (2009-03-11, Visual C++, 118KB, Downloads 50)


[SCM] WeaponItem

strs for rf online server structure (2009-07-26, Visual C++, 1KB, Downloads 7)


[SCM] CombineTable

cobmine structur table for rf online (2009-07-26, Visual C++, 953KB, Downloads 11)


[SCM] EditItems

Kernel Sysem Rf online,realiase (2010-05-30, Visual C++, 29KB, Downloads 10)


[SCM] HeXItem

Kernel Sysem Rf online,realiase1 (2010-05-30, Visual C++, 215KB, Downloads 7)


[SCM] ItemCollector

Kernel Sysem Rf online,realiase (2010-05-30, Visual C++, 748KB, Downloads 10)


[SCM] ToolsMk

Kernel Sysem Rf online,realiase (2010-05-30, Visual C++, 309KB, Downloads 24)


[SCM] AccountServer_BraSD

account server rf online final update (2010-06-05, Visual C++, 193KB, Downloads 3)



RF online Source Code (2010-06-12, Visual C++, 3667KB, Downloads 23)


[SCM] MshtoObj

msh to obj converter for use with rf online (2010-06-12, Visual C++, 88KB, Downloads 42)


[SCM] Dat-Editor

dat editor,,, for edit script rf online,using template called STRS ( structure) (2013-09-29, Visual C++, 530KB, Downloads 5)


[SCM] client_strs_last_version

rf online str client side some strs! (2014-07-16, Visual C++, 1KB, Downloads 0)


[SCM] DatSplitterv0.1

DatSplitter for RF online client/serversided Dats. Needed to split dat files so they can be edited with the Stream Editor. Used to edit server/client files. (2014-07-16, Visual C++, 1KB, Downloads 1)


[SCM] client_strs_last_version

rf online str client side some strs! (2014-09-09, Visual C++, 1KB, Downloads 0)


[SCM] Converter

RF online Server Code Item to Client Code Item (2015-02-04, Visual C++, 2KB, Downloads 1)


[SCM] SharkyDimarf_Server

rf online server source by sharky dima (2015-02-07, Visual C++, 1282KB, Downloads 2)


[SCM] Looting-Rate

Calculate Rate For Loot.For RF online (2015-04-01, Visual C++, 152KB, Downloads 0)


[SCM] ParserExp

Parser File Exp.dat to Txt for Export Xls file. For RF online (2015-04-01, Visual C++, 141KB, Downloads 0)