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[Windows Develop] txzs

Communication knowledge RF single chip for cordless phone.pdf standards for telecommunications services. Txt home phone sch.pdf digital telephone and video conferencing system in the post-secondary online applications. Txt telephone network. Pdf Networked Intelligent home system. Pdf (2007-09-07, PDF, 1676KB, Downloads 24)


[SCM] baseon80c51ofmc522

This handset can process the data offline or online, reading and writing from 10 cm far. This handset is low-power, miniature, modular design and so on. This article includes: the communication design between RF card and Reader, hardware system design and software systems design. The communication design between RF card and Reader used to RC522 RF chip control RF cards, in line with ISO14443 standard protocol Hardware system design mainly include AVR microcontroller control modules, power modules, memory modules, external clock modules, LCD modules Software system designed with C programming language, and follow the modular structure of the programming model, and has the RF card operation procedures, soft shutdown and automatic shutdown procedures, LCD display, serial Flash memory, an external clock, and other external device driver Procedures. The handset readers has the MF1 S50, S70 RF card reader function, real-time status display function, the system online update function and so (2009-03-11, Visual C++, 118KB, Downloads 50)


[SCM] Test

RF module NRF9e5 all the debugging features will be in line with ISD51 online debugging (2009-04-29, C/C++, 1KB, Downloads 4)


[Game Engine] DatSplitterv0.1

DatSplitter for RF online client/serversided Dats. Needed to split dat files so they can be edited with the Stream Editor. Used to edit server/client files. (2010-11-13, C/C++, 1KB, Downloads 9)


[SCM] DatSplitterv0.1

DatSplitter for RF online client/serversided Dats. Needed to split dat files so they can be edited with the Stream Editor. Used to edit server/client files. (2014-07-16, Visual C++, 1KB, Downloads 1)


[Windows Develop] DatSplitterv0.1

DatSplitter for RF online client/serversided Dats. Needed to split dat files so they can be edited with the Stream Editor. Used to edit server/client files. (2014-09-10, Visual C++, 1KB, Downloads 1)


[VHDL-FPGA-Verilog] rfDopDefConverter

This is program for RF online Server convert value Dop.Defence in client, into server value. (2015-01-31, Visual C++, 6KB, Downloads 1)


[Windows Develop] Modules-

Source Code protect for RF online server. Fix more bug, and def, elements, vote, enchant module (2016-04-21, Visual C++, 21947KB, Downloads 2)


[Game Program] Game-manager-settings-

RF game administrator GM set description. RF game administrator not to account for the target setting, but in the game when the game account login login IP set the account for the administrator, and after setting up the account for GM, the account of all existing roles or days after the new role was the highest game administrator, and any part of the GM account under can in the game online game instructions issued by entering the other game player for administrators and observers, has a variety of GM management commands. Before the establishment of the administrator account please above the preset administrator account login in a game, and record the log IP addresses at the time, and then the IP through this tutorial files in the RF table column set GM account. (2016-10-05, SQL, 2KB, Downloads 0)


[Embeded-SCM Develop] flash-programmer-2-1.7.5

Smart RF register reader software, you can edit FLASH parameters online, applicable to TI devices (2017-08-11, C/C++, 29424KB, Downloads 0)


[Other systems] loot rate in %

loot rate value for itemlooting.strs rf online to get % rate for drop item (2017-08-27, Visual C++, 327KB, Downloads 0)


[Other systems] Xeno Trainer v2.0.0

Xeno trainer for RF online, original, fly hack, speed hack, dmg speed hack, buff fast exp. (2018-02-12, WINDOWS, 215KB, Downloads 0)


[Other systems] QUERY rf

Query for RF online Update -Bank 7slot -BannedUser -ChangeJob -ChangeRace -Changes Council -Changes GM Account Password -Create GM Account -Create User Account -Disable Auction -Disable Mail -Find Bank Pass -Insert Premium and Cash -Move Character to Another Account -tbl_general(PT-GM,MaxLvl 66, Bag 5, Loss Quest, Disable Master Skill) -ViewStaff -Vote Archon Trigger -WIPE By: heaven-gaming (2018-03-24, SQL, 21KB, Downloads 0)


[WinSock-NDIS] soundtouch_dll-2.1.0

Are you able to convert your .msh converter for Rise of flight or RF online to convert Cliffs of Dover .msh files to Blender?kkk (2018-11-11, PHP, 186KB, Downloads 0)


[Other systems] Ant Lag Para Mapas

RF online ANT LAG, USEFULL FOR LOW CONFIG COMPUTERS (2019-01-25, WINDOWS, 1081KB, Downloads 0)


[Other systems] Efeitos Magis (Mago) [ANIMA??O]



[Other systems] Magias personalizadas [ICONES MACRO]

RF online MACRO ICONS SKINS, IT LOOKS AWSOME (2019-01-25, WINDOWS, 9895KB, Downloads 0)


[GDI-Bitmap] Underline_Photoshop_Brushes_6

Miniclicker DLL e anti lag para RF online 2 (2019-03-29, WINDOWS, 456KB, Downloads 0)


[Document] Randomforestsinnon

It mainly talks about the application research of Random Forest (RF) in brain-computer interface, and discusses three aspects: parameterization, online applicability and comparison with regularized LDA performance. The final results show that RF performance is constant over a wide range of parameters and has on-line applicability. In off-line BCI simulations, RF results are 3% higher than regularized LDA. (2019-05-14, Others, 898KB, Downloads 0)


[Other systems] KISI2 kelas 8 plus contoh soal PAS

ki kisi rf online for you recovery (2019-12-27, WINDOWS, 264KB, Downloads 0)